This afternoon the valley initiative for development and advancement or VIDA was awarded a 500 thousand dollar grant that will help future valley residents in supporting their families.

The adult career education grant used to assist low income students in entering high wage occupations was awarded to the VIDA organization in helping its students receive an income of up to 35,000 or more.

State Senator Juan Hinojosa who assisted in the process says this will give valley families a chance to stand on their own.

“They can finally be able to put food on their table,” explains Senator Juan Hinojosa, Texas (D-20).

The program has helped people like Sanzabeedee Guerrero and army veteran in need of higher education to support his family.

Myra Garcia executive director of VIDA says the bid process for the grant wasn’t an easy one to receive

“The measures were very clear but VIDA stood for itself and we’re very proud,” explains Garcia.

The valley interfaith organization also had a part in this movement along with various state representatives in support of the program

“It’s a domino effect, this is going to help us all in the long run,” says Terry Canales, representative house district 40.

To learn more about the grant or how you can become a VIDA student visit