RGV (KFXV) — Those were President Trump’s words at a press conference today after he signed two executive orders, both dealing with immigration.

This afternoon FOX News went to the border wall where local grassroots organizations protested the new actions.

The construction of the border wall, comes today as part of President Trump claims is his duty ‘to protect the lives of the american people’.

Although Trump is expecting that the building of a bigger border wall will help with border security, civil rights attorneys are keeping a watchful eye to monitor that no person’s rights are violated.

Despite this attempt to stop illegal immigration, smugglers and immigrants continue using ladders like these to cross the border wall and come into the U.S.
Congressman Henry Cuellar, also disapproving this decision saying that we could be burning bridges– as Mexico is the second largest importer of american goods.

Meanwhile, officials from Catholic Charities noticing numbers of immigrants arriving at the center, rapidly declining.

Despite these numbers, they hope to be able to move forward with the creation of a new respite center.

These executive orders also calling for an expansion of immigration agents to carry out deportations.