Hidalgo County (KFXV) — After one valley company’s plans for the border wall are rejected, plans for President Trump’s campaign promise move forward. Locals speak out as to why it will or won’t work.
Bids continue to stream in from companies wanting to construct the border wall. One man from the valley submitted his bid in hopes that his prototype would be used in it’s construction. He tells us his motive for doing so.
James Carpenter, the president of Quantum Logistic in Mission, specializes in security and border protection, and while his company was not chosen for the construction of the wall, he tells us he hopes it will dismantle what he states is one of the biggest problems on the border, the trafficking of women and children.
According to the Polaris Project, more than 800 calls were made in regards to human trafficking along the border from September 2015 to august 2016. While that number leaves out many unknown victims, Texas House Representative for District 35, Oscar Longoria tell us that while he thinks the border wall will make it more expensive for drug dealers to cross drugs it won’t stop it from happening along with the crossing of undocumented immigrants.
While the fight against organized crime along the border continues, the prototype of the border wall is expected to be done by December of 2018.