RGV (KFXV) — Campaign promises by President Elect Donald Trump have left many on edge, including young immigrants that say they are uncertain about the nation’s future and fear deportation.

Donald Trump has been very vocal about his stance on immigration and even promised to eliminate DACA soon after taking office bringing uncertainty to those who benefit from it.

These are the feelings Maria Ibarra expressed today after learning about Donald Trump’s victory. After all, Maria is a DACA recipient – an initiative that has given temporary protection from deportation and a two-year renewable work permit to hundreds of thousands of people who arrived in the United States as children. However, as an immigration attorney, Antonio Martinez explains, because DACA is not a law, Trump could easily follow through on his promise.

Despite the uncertainty, Maria says she remains hopeful.

Another concern is that anybody who gave the government their information and location to participate in the program could be much more easily found by federal deportation agents.

For now, dreamers like Maria say the sense of fear stemming from the results of this presidential election should be channeled into something positive.

Experts advise dreamers to submit their renewal application as soon as possible, and treat it as if it is already due and seek help from licensed legal professionals for guidance on this matter.