Mission (KFXV) — A doctor is on the hot seat accused of sexual misconduct.
Two of his patients have come forward to tell their story – while the doctor’s attorney says this all comes down to money.
Two women are accusing the Mission doctor, one of Sexual Assault and the other for indecent exposure – during a medical checkup.
Defense Attorney, for Humberto Rafael Bruschetta is talking about the two charges against his client — and the $260,000 dollar bond– brought against him on Tuesday.
The criminal complaint points out the first incident on February 15th, where a woman claims that during her visit to Bruschetta’s office, he dropped his pants, exposing himself to her.
In another incident, last Thursday another patient who was getting a thyroid check up, says the doctor asked her to remove all her clothes, then asked to lay on the bed. According to documents, he then proceeded to touch her inappropriately without wearing his latex gloves, stating that – as she was getting the dressed, he insisted on trying to help her and moments later, she says he dropped his pants, exposing himself to her and then asking her to measure him.
Mauro Barreiro– who is representing Bruschetta– says he doesn’t depend on the criminal complaint to begin his own investigation– adding that Bruschetta’s family is devastated by these accusations. Bruschetta has offices in Mission and in Kingsville.
At this moment, it’s still unknown when the case will move forward, but a defense team is being brought together.
Accusations against the doctor and guilt will be decided in a court of law.
Bruschetta’s attorney says they’ve received support from other patients. The doctor’s offices will remain open.