La Joya (KFXV) — It’s been two years since a shootout broke out between a gang member and several state local and federal officers.

Authorities say a lack of communication was a factor in the outcome but now they’re doing something about it.

Communication during the fatal shooting, police say, was bad due to to officers being on different frequencies. However that has changed due to a new radio system.

Nearly every law enforcement agency in Hidalgo County were at a La Joya neighborhood where a gang member barricaded himself inside a home after shooting and injuring several officers in 2014.
Chaos and confusion ensued from a lack of communication amongst the separate agencies.

The new communication program known as the Regional Radio System, allows separate federal, state, and local entities to connect when responding to an emergency.

One local business owner remembers the incident and says he feels the community will benefit.

Authorities add, being on the same page as all agencies, could make a difference between life or death.

Authorities say the goal is to eventually have all regional agencies sharing the same communication system.