We take a closer look at some of the newest gadgets on the market.

Purpose behind Southwest border security week is to support local, federal, and state officials in securing our border. Part of that support comes along with the technology used to do so.

Security is a major issue here in Rio Grande Valley as it is in many parts of the Border.

Maintaining that security is made easier with advanced technology.

Nelson Balido chairman of the board of Commerce and Security Council said the overall purpose of these gadgets and gizmos is safety.

“It is to keep our community safer so we can have more commerce, more security, and certainly increase the quality of life for everyone that lives in this area.”

Insuring safety starts with Surveillance.

“This solution provides very easy persistent low-altitude surveillance capabilities to Public Safety in the way that we can deploy this with just two people.”

The Altimetry smart balloon solution is controlled by this handheld remote. It can fly between 200 and 500 feet in the air and is equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

There also cameras that don’t require an operator at all.

We are showing people tracking system were using velodyne three-dimensional real-time lidar HDL 32 product. The LIDAR creates a map of the room and then detect moving objects like people, then the camera tracks those moving objects.

Southwest border week wraps up tomorrow. Some of the items on tomorrow’s agenda including fighting terrorism on the border and collaborating with Mexican officials.