Some La Villa parents are bothered after the school district and city failed to come to an agreement this weekend.

Jay Jay and Christopher are two of the 600 students from La Villa, that did not go to school this morning.

Now they’ll have to wait days before the city and school district come to an agreement over the water dispute.

After meeting three times and not coming to an agreement, some La Villa residents are upset.

The dispute over surcharges started about a year ago but it wasn’t until this month that the city of la villa cut off the district’s water completely.

Saying they want the 57,000 dollars the district apparently owes them.

Superintendent Garcia says that the amount is excessive and will go to the Texas commission on environmental quality for a solution to this ongoing problem and get la villa students back to class.

“We’re here to educate our kids with the money given to us from the state,” explains Narcisso Garcia, La Villa-ISD superintendent

Sarah mother of Jay Jay doesn’t care about the argument anymore and just wants a solution.

On Wednesday superintendent Garcia will meet with TCEG until then there will be no classes for La Villa students.