The La Joya Housing Authority Director, and school board member, speaks to FOX2 to clarify rumors of any wrongdoing, after federal agents raided his home and office.

Juan José “JJ” Garza said to have agreed to the interview to share what he knows about what happened the day of the raid.

“I’m not sure what they are looking at, “ said Garza.

The housing authority director and school board member for the city of La Joya is the target of an investigation by federal authorities, who raided his come and offices last Wednesday, taking with them piles of documents.

“One of the agents asked me if I was the owner of J. Builders & Crane Construction,” said Garza. “They took my construction files, my contracts with clients.”

The housing authority is an entity that received federal funds to provide housing for low-income families. His position there might be a reason for the probe.

“More than likely they’ll be looking into basically everything.” said Garza. “From grants to land collections, I’m sure they’ll be checking everything.”

Garza believes the investigation could be influenced by political reasons, because it is not the first time he has been visited by the Feds for complaints about his dealings as a public servant. That is why he has turned to the cameras.

“I prefer to talk to the media because I don’t want people to think I’m hiding something,” said Garza.

Meanwhile the school district has kept its distance from the accusations, stating that the investigation has nothing to do with the school board. Never the less, he is still being sued along with members of the board for bribery.

“We uncovered evidence through an open records request of a video where J.J. Garza and other individuals from his political party admit to receiving cash contributions,” said Javier Pena, from the Pena Law Firm. “Specifically $15,000 for this specific contract.”

A contract between the school board and Ruth Villarreal Insurance, something Garza also denies. He doesn’t believe the investigation will harm the image of the school board, never the less he can’t predict what it would do to his re-election campaign.