LA JOYA (KFXV) — Two valley cities are showing their support to lawsuits against Senate Bill Four.

They’re the first two municipalities speaking out since the law was signed by the state governor.  La Joya is the second in the valley to join the legal fight against Senate Bill Four to stop the law from going into effect.  Council members voted in support of a lawsuit against the anti-sanctuary bill, which is set to go into effect on September First.

La Joya follows Brownsville in joining the legal fight.

Jose Salinas, La Joya Mayor– says they’re seeing an increase in the number of dropouts in the school district but that isn’t the only problem affecting them.    While La Joya will be joining with a lawsuit against the state of Texas.  This evening the Palmview City Commission also voted to support other cities who have already started litigation against Senate Bill 4.   The police chief tells Fox News, they will be supporting the city council in their decision but are waiting for September first to see if the law goes into effect.

Immigrant groups also present tell us they hope other valley cities will also join the legal fight.