Heriberto Flores junior was considered la joya coyotes biggest fans. He was struck by a vehicle and later died from his injuries. 45 year old Heriberto Flores Junior, better known as “Betito” was well known in the community for his school pride and dedication to his football team.

Betito attended the games every Friday night, but last Friday would be his last. He was struck by a car while crossing the expressway as he headed home from the La Joya coyotes and La Joya Palmview Lobos game.

Today, Betito would be celebrating 21 years as a custodian for the La Joya school district. Athletic director, Victor Garza, who worked with him for 8 years describes him as a man with a positive attitude despite his disabilities.

Heriberto suffered severe head injuries from the impact. He was pronounced brain dead Saturday and later his family decided to let go donating his organs. A big loss for family, friends and the football team he stood by win or lose. Garza says that same team plans a special tribute to their number one fan.

Betito touched the lives of many with his loving heart and spirit.

A funeral mass is scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm at our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in La Joya followed by the internment. Meanwhile, preparations for a tribute for Betito are under way for Friday’s football game.

Hundreds turned out tonight to pay their respects at a rosary held at the “Lord and I” funeral home in La Joya.