EDINBURG (KFXV) — Fox 2 News continues coverage on Sandy Hernandez accused of the homicide of her newborn baby. Tonight is the final day of the trial. Our cameras have been in that courtroom for the last few days bringing you every detail.

The jury decided they are going to stay through the night after rejecting the jury’s option for sequester.

Sequester means every member of the jury may not go home to their families tonight.

The county would have arranged their stays at a hotel with several security guards. Where they wouldn’t be allowed to see the news, research or speak to anybody about this case.

This is a rare situation in Hidalgo County.

Now the jury reconsidered and decided to continue deliberating and make a decision tonight. The jury has been deliberating for nine 9 hours now.

Tonight they can take several decisions in case which are convict her of capital murder and face life in prison, or manslaughter a lesser charge with a lesser sentence.

The family of the accused has been here all day comforting Hernandez who is waiting to know the final decision.