The Edinburg Fire Department was busy during the July 4th festivities. Fox 2 News cameras were rolling as the incidents happened, Mauricio Razo has the latest details.

The Edinburg Fire Department responded to two incidents today one in which electricity had to be shut off.

The first incident happened on east Stubbs Road around 2 pm. 7,200 volt power lines exploded and the power had to be shut off to be repaired.

The second incident involved a bbq pit fire that went out of control. By the time we got there the owners had controlled the fire. It’s these types of incidents that are common during the 4th of July weekend..

Some precautions who should take are: Check your smoke detector on a monthly basis, have an evacuation plan and if you’re going to used a bbq pit make sure to always have a bucket of water handy.

Just last year, more than 11 thousand fire related injuries were reported during the 4th of July.