At his initial appearance in federal court, the high school teacher was formally charged with receiving child pornography.
Twenty-nine-year-old Jesus Javier Garza, Jr. was brought to federal court today after his arrest Thursday by homeland security investigators at his Mission residence.
Court documents reveal that an internet investigation was initiated on January 8th, where Garza’s computer was identified using peer-to-peer software to download child pornography videos.
The Juarez-Lincoln high school mariachi band director confessed to this in an interview with investigators but La Joya independent school district wants to assure the community that they are not at any risk.
It is unknown at this point what the future holds in terms of Garza’s employment.
He is currently on administrative leave.
School policy disqualifies any applicant for a job if a criminal background is found.
A bond hearing for Garza is scheduled for next Wednesday in federal court, we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as it continues to unfold.