Today is National Voter Registration Day! Are you registered to vote?

The deadline to register is October 11th and there are only 41 days left until one of the biggest presidential elections in American history.

There are several resources to remember when it comes to the process of voting one of them being your local elections office.

This right here is a website you can access from any place called on this website you can access several options from registering to vote to verifying if in fact you are set for the big day and also how you can prepare before casting your ballot.

Let start by selecting the option to register to vote. You will immediately have access to information to help you make sure you are eligible to cast your vote.

Such as being a U.S. Citizen, being 18 years of age or older by the time of the election on November the 8th. Registering in the right location according to your address and finally it shows how some states restrict the right to vote if people are convicted of certain crimes. In Texas, the right to vote is restored once the sentence is completed.

With this information in mind we head to the “register to vote here” section. The only information you need for this step is basic details including your full name, date of birth and address.

Remember, in Texas it is not permitted to register online so what this tool does is provide you with the voter registration form which will include the information that you previously provided. It will then give you the option to download and print along with the address you need to send it to

It’s that easy to register to vote remember making your voice heard is the power of voting. For more information about this topic visit the website