The United States Department of Agriculture is reporting a 12-percent increase in domestic certified organic operations between 2014 and 2015.

Hannah Mackenzie visited to a local juice bar to find out more about the rising trend of natural and organic eating.

The co-owner of juice up tells me sales have doubled within the last two months, supporting the notion consumers are becoming more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies.

“You just feel better, you feel better all the way around.”

Jurella Costilla is part owner at juice up in McAllen. She says business is booming, as more Rio Grande Valley residents are opting for natural and organic foods.

“It’s important to eat right, it’s the bottom line, because if you don’t, then we personally, me, pay that higher price later on.”

In terms of the monetary price, growing organic food is more expensive for farmers, so prices are typically higher. Reason why the USDA has set aside $90 million in grants to strengthen local and regional organic food systems; Jurella says in the end, costs balance out.

“You just feel better, you feel better all the way around.”