RGV (KFXV) –Throughout his campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump made several promises regarding immigration raising concern among the undocumented community and mass deportations but, one federal agency is making it clear that they are not randomly picking up people off the streets

The Department of U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement stressing the difference between mass deportations and targeted operations, against undocumented immigrants.

Earlier this year, reports of mass deportations emerged, as ICE agents launched an operation targeting immigrant women and children who had been ordered to leave the country stirring commotion among pro-immigrant organizations.

With President-Elect Donald Trump making promises throughout his campaign, ICE is working to try to inform the community about their policies, sending out a statement where they say they do not conduct random actions.

In a 2014 memorandum, ICE emphasizes the removal of high-priority immigrants which include engaging in terrorism or espionage and those convicted of an offense, among others.

Attorney at law, Hugo PiƱa says that although these operations are legal, those detained are protected and can fight their cases in court.

ICE officials conduct these operations as part of their jobs but want to inform the community that they are not done at random.