RGV (KFXV) — Tonight early voting ends with historic voter turnout in counties across the Rio Grande Valley including Cameron and Hidalgo but, don’t forget you are still on time to make your voice heard during this 2016 election.

Thousands of voters went out to the polls on this last day of early voting. In just a 12 hour period more than 15,000 votes registered in Hidalgo County and over 7,000 in Cameron County.

Cynthia Garza is one of them–taking advantage of the open polls something that will change for general elections.

Voting officials recommend you arrive on November 8th at the polls early, to avoid the lines during lunch time. Have an acceptable form of picture ID or one of the now added forms of identification if you are not able to obtain a picture ID like the ones you see here.

Officials remind you to get out and vote and not give up your constitutional right to decide the future of our nation.