Hidalgo County (KFXV) — Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of robberies that happened this week.
Fox 2 news, spoke exclusively with one of the victims.

That’s right, today I spoke to one of the victims who says several armed men stormed into the home demanding drugs and money in rural Edinburg.
He says he doesn’t know the people or why they targeted his home.

This was just the beginning of a string of aggravated robberies happening within two days.
Hidalgo County Authorities reported, this incident happened just after midnight on Carmen Avenue.

The next morning, in Mission, a home on Wolf Creek Avenue was also targeted by three male suspects who went into the home also, demanding drugs and money.

Almost two hours later, deputies responded to the 26-hundred block of Mile Four in Mission where a victim says about five armed men broke into his home making the same demand of drugs and money.

In all three cases, the suspects were wearing masks and dark clothing.
Police say the cases could be related.

If you have any information, regarding these crimes you are asked to contact the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s hotline at 956 668-8477.