Many Hidalgo County residents may be thinking about turkey and sides, and even holiday shopping, when they really should be thinking about paying what’s due their property taxes.

There are two things you should worry about this upcoming holiday season.

Not over-cooking your turkey and setting money aside to pay for your property taxes. On November first, the Hidalgo County tax office mailed out more than 285 thousand 2013 consolidated tax bills in canary yellow reminding people that taxes are due soon.

Yolanda Ochoa says, paying her taxes is a priority. In fact, it’s an obligation she keeps in mind year round. The Edinburg resident says, her home not only has a monetary value, but a sentimental one as well.

Edgar Jaramillo, executive assistant to the tax assessor and collector, says almost 9 thousand notifications have been returned to their office in the last week.

For Domingo Rodriguez, a mechanic shop owner, paying his taxes was important to put his mind at ease. This way he can enjoy the days ahead with his friends.

Our advice to you is keep an eye out for a white envelope with a canary yellow property tax notification in the mail. Once you get it, pay your taxes before January 31, 2014 to avoid penalties and interest.