The Hidalgo County commissioner’s court accepted the petition for the creation of the Hidalgo County hospital district.

If approved in November, the public entity would request property tax money from Hidalgo County residents to cap for the new medical school in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as be responsible for indigent healthcare in Hidalgo County, and pursue additional federal and state funds for healthcare services.

“Enormously important to our children, to our area, to our region, to this country, what we’re doing here today,” explains Richard Garcia, mayor of city of Edinburg.

The Hidalgo County commissioners court, approved an initial tax rate for the hospital district of eight cents per $100 valuation.

“I am in complete support of it, because the indigent members of our community really need access to health care and this is how that will be payed for,” adds Armando Garza, Jr. mayor pro-tem city of San Juan.

A decision that many are not in favor of, since it would mean the beginning of an excessive increase in property taxes that residents would have to compensate for.

Although the agreement includes capping the district’s maximum tax rate at 25 cents per $100 property valuation.

If a higher rate were to be proposed, there would have to be another election before being approved.

“I hope that we don’t regret it later on, it can be very, very costly to the county taxpayers,” says mayor Norberto “Beto” Salinas; city of Mission.

The commissioner’s court also approved the proposition in support of a nine-member board of directors. Five would be appointed by the court, and the rest would be appointed by the cities of McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, and Pharr.

Residents will be able to vote in favor or against the new hospital district proposal during the upcoming november elections.