First series of healthy cooking segments with Chef Gabriel Fuentes, bread baker and chef at the Covenant Christian Academy in McAllen. Chef Gabriel’s specialty and goal is to make healthy food approachable to today’s youth in an effort to curb rising childhood obesity statistics. Today Chef Gabriel focuses on a simple breakfast recipe with fruit and fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

Challah French Toast with Fresh Fruit


One loaf Challah bread (braided Jewish bread)

Fresh berries (Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)

Organic Honey or Organic Maple Syrup

Dollop of fat-free yogurt or Greek yogurt

1. Start by heating up a pan to medium with a small amount of butter.

2. Once butter is melted, place a few slices of the challah bread sliced about an inch, inch and a half in thickness) on the pan. Cook on each side until golden brown (about two-three minutes each side).

3. Add the toppings! (This is a perfect opportunity to get children involved in cooking and healthy eating.) Place two slices of the french toast on a place and add your favorite fruits, sliced bananas, raspberries, blueberries, etc. Then drizzle a small amount of either organic honey or organic maple syrup on the french toast. Add a dollop of yogurt to your liking.

4. Enjoy!

Lyssa Hansen, Health Matters