For women dealing with mastectomy surgery—which is the removal of one or both breasts due to breast cancer, sometimes its difficult to know what resources are available.

And with the few mastectomy boutiques and resources in the south Texas area, breast cancer patients and survivors are left with few options.

That reason—and her boss—is what prompted Kiko Francisca Villarreal to quit her job as a pharmaceutical technician four years ago and devote her life to finding breast cancer patients and survivors the proper mastectomy products.

Villarreal has a range of products and customized tops for women to use while recovering from surgery. Then after recovery, there are foam inserts and prosthetic silicone forms that are customizable right down to color, shape, size and markings.

To make an appointment with a mastectomy fitter, you can call the Richards Pharmacy Edinburg location at 289-1880 and ask for Kiko Villarreal.