Nearly 4-M babies were born in 2010, according to the CDC—-and they all have one thing in common. They all need names.

This years top baby names for boys and girls have been released—and it looks like traditional names are making a comeback and celebrity names are being left in the past.

USA Today reports that the parenting and pregnancy website compiled a list of todays top 100 trending names from more than a half a million parents that shared their baby’s name with the site.

For Boys, the top ten included names like Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas and Noah.

And for girls, the top ten included names like Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Mia.

Just over half of parents said people they knew were the inspiration for their childs name.

And most parents—about 80 percent—finalized their name decision before the child’s birth.

If you are an expecting parent, feel free to get a little name inspiration and visit to see other names that made the list.