Kids cannot seem to get enough of those fast food chain chicken nuggets, but a new study finds they might not be the healthiest source of protein.

Mississippi researchers tested chicken nuggets from two national fast food chains and found the nuggets contained 50 percent or less of actual chicken meat.

The other half contained fat, blood vessels, cartilage and even bone pieces.

Researchers state that nuggets should only be eaten on occasion.

The National Chicken Council insists chicken nuggets are an excellent source of protein, especially for picky eaters.

Researchers note the study involved a very small sample size of the total amount of chicken nuggets produced.

Within the past few years, fast food chains have pushed to use white meat in their nuggets as well as provide and post nutritional information to its customers.

Researchers state the study was not meant to exploit the chicken or fast food industry but to point out that most do not take the time to understand basic nutritional facts in the food they are eating.

The tested fast food chains were not revealed to the public, but you can find more information about the study in the American Journal of Medicine.