A new study finds that fans of losing NFL teams may be bad for your waistline and mental health.

The study linked sports outcomes with eating behaviors of fans.

French researchers Pierre Chandon and Yann Cornil found that after defeat, NFL fans ate 16 percent more saturated fat and 10 percent more calories.

And for cities that call an NFL team home like Green Bay or Pittsburg, the calorie consumption only increased—Chandon and Cornil found fans ate 28 percent more saturated fats.

But after a victorious game, fans ate 16 percent less saturated fat and fewer calories.

Researchers point out that human psychology and sports outcomes affect other situations too.

Previous studies have shown defeated football games have led to a higher risk of heart attack, and increased the number of domestic abuse cases and car accident fatalities.

So, just remember to think twice before going for that extra hot wing or slice of pizza to cope with a game loss.

Take a deep breath and remember theres always next week!