Feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder or the holiday blues as many call it is common this time of year. But changing your diet could bring you out your funk!

An American Physcological Association survey found 40%– 44% of women and 31% of men– experienced some form of depression, mood shift or melancholy during the holidays. But researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health find that your diet could play a major factor in how you feel.

Researchers followed nearly 44,000 women between the ages of 50 and 77 from 1996 until 2008 and tracked their diets and moods. Women whose diet consisted of foods that trigger inflammation– like sugar sweetened beverages, diet soft drinks, refined grains, red meat and margarine– had a 41% higher risk of being diagnosed for depression.

Experts suggest incorporating more foods that control inflammation like leafy greens, vegetables, wine, coffee and olive oil. Previous research suggests a link between depression and inflammation. Other factors like geographic location and sunlight deprivation play a role in seasonal affective disorder.