In harlingen authorities respond to a polling place after an alleged assault.
A woman claims she was assaulted by a candidate while she was supporting his opponent.

The woman claimed it was her political preference that caused this incident right outside a Cameron County Office.

“He told me that I should not be holding the sign and that I was blocking the sidewalk and he shoves me” – Laura Cerrato (Political Activist)

She said she was supporting her candidate when the incident happened.

“I received a call from one of my campaign worker out here she said she had a problem with my opponent Eddie Solis” – Don Duncan (Candidate)

“It’s a public place we can choose who we want to vote for, and who we want to support” says Laura Cerrato

Eddie Solis who allegedly assaulted this woman says things happened differently.

“I told her you can’t be blocking the sidewalk so I decided to go around her. As I went around her, she put her sign out more my elbow touched the sign” – Eddie Solis

“We are just going to stay away from that area if they say anything negative we are going to avoid them.” – Eddie Solis

Right now there are two active police reports claiming assault, one from Serrato, and one from Solis himself.

Fox 2 news reached out to cameron county’s elections administrator Remi Garza about this case.

He answered back with a statement which in part reads:

“Disruptions in and around the polling place will not be tolerated. We will protect the voters and the integrity of the polling place. Supporters of candidates should respect each other views”

Right now both parties are standing their ground at the polling place in harlingen.