Corpus Christi (KFXV) — At least half of the Corpus Christi population still without safe water services — after a dangerous chemical leaked into the city’s water system.The substance has been identified as an asphalt emulsifier. The incident forced the closure of schools.
Several business owners have placed bottled water in restrooms to avoid contamination
Meanwhile, distribution sites formed throughout the city to alleviate residents.

But while the sale of bottled water rises, local businesses are already seeing a negative impact.
Attorney Bob Hilliard, is representing close to 100 businesses in a lawsuit filed this Wednesday, against private company, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions and Valero– whom they blame for the possible origin of this contamination.

The lawsuit also alleges negligence by these companies.

Hilliard added he is willing to represent people who might have health complications due to this chemical leak.