Gun use and training in women has increased in recent years with target shooting becoming a favorite sport, this according to the National shooting sports foundation.

The number of women going to the shooting range continues to increase.

I teach women how to shoot. I teach handgun basics like proper grip on a gun, the proper stance, everything that they need to know on how to shoot safely and properly.
– Debbie Reily. Rio Gun Club

A sport originally dominated by men is rapidly increasing in popularity amongst women.

Women like to shoot not only for self-protection but as a sport.

It’s something that more and more women need to do and really promote it. I wanted to all my life, and with what’s going on in the world, I think every woman ought to be able to protect herself. – Judy Adams

Gun Training is the first step to obtaining a permit that lawfully allows the carrying a weapon.

In 2015, close to 58,000 permits where issued to women across the state of Texas, an increase from previous years.

CHL Permits issued to Women in Texas

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