The next challenge for congress will be if leaders of the new budget conference committee led by Democrat Senator Patty Murray, and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan can strike a deal by mid-December to provide a longer term budget solution.

Ryan said they have shared goals.

But there is great skepticism after previous attempts to address the nation’s fiscal problems such as simpson-bowles, and the 2011 super committee failed.

Murray said this time is different.

With the government only funded for about three months, and the debt ceiling extended into February, much of the next 100 days will be focused on these money issues.

Republican Senator David Vitter, who tried to force the Obama administration and congress to live under obamacare, said he’s not giving up.

The legislation also included $636 million for fighting wildfires.

And it boosted funding for the olmsted lock and dam project for the lower Ohio river between Illinois and Kentucky from $775M to $2.9B.

With the senate on recess through next week, some short weeks in the house and holidays, there won’t be much time for things to change a whole lot over the next 100 days.