Governor Greg Abbott announces he plans to remove National Guard troops from the border; Fox 2 News takes a closer look at how officials in Rio Grande City are reacting to the proposition.

Both the Chief of Police and the Mayor of the city say, it’s time to seek a more permanent solution to protect the border. Margarita Gonzalez has been living in Rio Grande City for over 15 years; she says with the National Guard along the border she has never felt safer. However Governor Greg Abbott in his visit to the valley last week said he plans to remove the National Guard and find alternative ways in protecting the border. Abbott says he plans to provide additional resources to local and federal official agencies instead. A plan the Rio Grande City Mayor says he agrees with Governor Abbott, since the National Guard was only a temporary solution. The National Guard arrived to the valley in august of last year in response to the humanitarian crisis, since then they have made a significant impact on crime in the area. Both the Mayor and Chief of Police say providing more boots on the streets should be the focus. If Abbott’s plans are approved by Texas congress these changes will happen within the next couple of months.