Under other circumstances president Obama might not have been happy with the distraction, but with time running out on his promise to repair the www.healthcare.gov website, and problems persisting, the Thanksgiving holiday was welcome.

Aides say the big push to have a lot of people try to enroll the first week of December has been put on hold. One official said, quote.

OFC Also announced a one year delay in the ability of small businesses to enroll their workers through the website, though they can still enroll them on the phone and in person.

The national federation of independent business said, quote.

In a telephone conference call, an administration spokeswoman suggested there will still be glitches in online signups, after November 30th.

Republicans see a pattern of the Obama administration delaying parts of the affordable care act that it has trouble implementing, but refusing to delay parts that are inconvenient for healthcare subscribers. The white house sees wrinkle it’s betting will be ironed out by this time next year, republicans are betting not.