Mission (KFXV) — To a story now, that made national headlines, last week. The dog in this video dragged by Mario Cardona last week is now in custody of a local dog shelter.
This after, the recording of the incident went viral.
A judge ruled that ‘German’ should be removed from Cardona’s family custody after the video went viral. An officer with the Mission Animal Control Department and Rosa Maria Cardona– wife of the suspect– testified this afternoon in court.
The hearing stems from the incident that took place on February 16th, where 59-year-old, Mario ‘scooterman’ Cardona was recorded dragging ‘German’– a family pet– down a sidewalk.
The video quickly went viral, causing Mission authorities to act.
Although Rosa told the judge, her husband suffered from depression. The ruling was in favor of the prosecution.Several mission residents also gathered in the courtroom awaiting the outcome.
Melissa Torres– who recorded the video– says the she is happy with the decision made today.
Cardona, remains at the Hidalgo County Jail with one count of animal cruelty.
Before setting a bond, the judge said he needed to review Cardona’s return to the home.