What at first was intended to be a visit as international winter texans, the relationships these fellow german fire fighters have established with their pharr colleagues could blossom into a working partnership….

13 german fire fighters made their way to the rio grande valley last week, traveling over 5-thousand miles from buschfeld, a town of just 15-thousand, to spend time with friends and relatives…

One of those friendships was made this time last year after a visit to the pharr fire department… This time around, they were welcomed by a warm valley reception…

“In general terms its a proclamation that has been given to the German delegation… This is basically fire fighters that got together and wanted to celebrate an international firefighter ‘fiesta’.”

During that “fiesta” or ‘partai’ as the germans say, the pharr mayor as well as local fire chiefs and canadian and mexican delegates celebrated with the exchange of gifts… Possibly the perfect recipe to establish a future partnership.

“next year there might be more coming over and we also want to see if we could go to their country as well. They extended the invitation and it is something to consider later on.”

While that might not translate exactly as an american soccer player getting to experience the euro legue, an exchange can help understand the differences in how to approach fires and rescues and provide a learning experience.

“they learned lots of things in pharr… Quite many differences between firefighters in germany. They are volunteers and here they are paid for this job”

During their stay the German delegation did visit many areas of the valley, including the packed malls… They are flying back to Europe tomorrow.