We spoke to a valley resident who says his wife was detained during an immigration inspection on Friday morning and spent the weekend in federal custody, despite having no criminal history.

Jason and his wife were traveling to Corpus Christi for his job. Once at La Sarita checkpoint, the woman– a DACA recipient– was detained for ‘accuracy and verification status’.

Sahadi Law Firm, is representing the DACA recipient. They tell me she has a prior ‘brief, casual and innocent absence’ in her records but by no means disqualifies her from having DACA.

Jason’s wife spent the weekend in federal custody under deportation proceedings. The incident, he says, has taken a toll on his family.

Today, according to Veronica Esqueda, a judge set a bond of $15,0000 to jason’s wife.
The law firm is working to request a bond reduction.
I reached out to ice and they couldn’t give me information on this incident today but say they are looking into the case to provide details in the upcoming days.