Deputies from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested dozens of parents who violated court orders requiring them to pay child support.

The sweep was conducted in conjunction with the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division.

Sheriff’s office assists in locating and booking suspects, but another challenge emerges when it comes to

Delinquent parents arrested on civil warrants face up to six months in jail.

It’s not just the mothers, fathers, or children affected by missed child support payments, Texas taxpayer picks up the costs, as well.

Prior to this weeks round up there were 73 inmates in custody at our Hidalgo County Detention Facility for Child Support.

It costs the county $45-per-day to house an inmate in another facility due to overcrowding.

But the system is not perfect, Legislators and other policymakers are re-examining the goals of the program and the constituents it serves to better tailor services to meet the needs of the population.