McALLEN (KFXV) — After being bribed for 1200 bucks, a former U.S. Postal Worker now will spend 18 months in prison.
Today a U.S. District Judge gave former postal employee, Noe Olvera an 18 month sentence in prison after accepting bribes from a politiquera — or campaigner.
Charged for bribery of public officials and witnesses, Olvera pleaded guilty in march for giving addresses of postal ballot recipients to Hidrogo — the politiquera — who campaigned on behalf of a 2014 Hidalgo County Sheriff’s candidate during the democratic primary in exchange for one thousand two hundred dollars, court documents indicate.
With the FBI involved along with the USPS Office of Inspector General, officials declared his action as an act of violation of his official duty.
U.S District Judge, Micaela Alvarez also gave Olevera three years of supervised release following his prison sentence. According to the law, providing a list of postal patron names and or addresses of another person is illegal.
The judge also stated that this case of corruption does not stand alone in the community, noting that it happens more often than we think.
Judge Alvarez hopes this case can serve as a warning for residents, and can serve as an example for others.