Before sentencing the court heard testimony from the former commander Joe Padilla, who claimed Maria Patricia Medina knew more about contributions than what she pleaded guilty to.
Maria Patricia medina has been sentenced by Chief Judge Ricardo Hinojosa to 11 months in prison and a $2,000 fine after pleading guilty in April to omitting contributions in a campaign finance report that came from Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez in drug trafficking proceeds to help former Sheriff Lupe Treviño’s re-election race in 2011.
Her sentencing was scheduled for yesterday but the judge wanted to hear testimony from the former commander who claimed medina was aware of at least $140,000 he received through Gonzalez and gave to the campaign, at times through her or Treviño, testimony that the judge nor Medina’s attorney fond entirely credible.
However the judge did believe medina abused her position of trust and was aware of the origin of campaign signs purchased by Gonzalez worth about $40,000. Her admission of guilt plus her cooperation with the government helped her avoid the full punishment of three years in prison.
The judge measured medina’s role as the bottom compared to those involved in the corruption conspiracies during Guadalupe Treviño’s tenure as Sheriff of Hidalgo County.
It is still unclear for Medina and her attorney if she will face deportation due to her resident status in the county, the judge has allowed her two months to turn herself in to the Marshals.