Forensic Pathologist Takes Stand in Infant Murder Case

Edinburg (kfxv) — Hidalgo County Forensic Pathologist testifying in the case of the 11 month old child saying his death likely caused by a blow to the head or being slammed against an object.

Forensic Pathologist, Norma Jean Farley says while conducting the autopsy on the minor she discovered the baby suffered from pneumonia– an illness which causes major discomfort in children leading to constant crying.

From injuries on the minor’s head, arm, chest, mouth, and eyes to major bleeding in the brain and injuries not visible at plain sight.
Step by step, Forensic Pathologist Jean Farley described the final results on the 11 month old babie’s autopsy.

Doctor Farley also explained several illnesses the baby was diagnosed with including pneumonia and other illnesses that might have caused the infant to consistently scream and cry –behaviors that she says could have lead to the parent’s frustration and violent reactions.

Today the mother of the baby boy took the stand once more saying she saw Johnny Palomo leaving the kid’s room right before she went saw her child having problems.

The defense arguing how she managed to keep a relationship with him after believing he was responsible for her son’s death.

Prosecutors and state are expected to make their final arguments tomorrow morning. We will then know if Johnny Palomo; boyfriend of the baby’s mother, will also face time behind bars.

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