Brooks County (KFXV) — We head to Brooks County where a brush fire that started Sunday afternoon evacuated several families. Officials say right now the blaze is 50 percent contained with over 40 agencies working to put it out.

Officials say they are taking advantage of the weather conditions today controlling the flames as much as they can..families in the area tell me they are hoping this will all be over soon.

Villarreal says she could not believe her eyes when she walked out her front door.

Officials say a brush fire west of Encino quickly spread due to high winds; consuming thousands of acres.

Villarreal tells Fox News she feared the home she has lived in for over 40 years would be gone is just seconds.

Her family and several others found shelter at a local church where she says she experienced how the the cooperation of several department saved many homes in the area.

Today Villarreal is back home and while the cause of this fire is not yet determine authorities are asking you to pay attention to the weather conditions avoiding burning debris during low humidity and high winds conditions.