PROGRESO (KFXV) — In Progreso, one 87-year-old man and several other families’ homes are left in ashes after a fire today.  Officials responded to the massive fires on Maria Street this afternoon in Progreso where 87-year-old, Jesus Gonzalez Benavidez lived for the past 25 years.

Mr. Gonzalez recalls his neighbor storming through his door and urging him to get out of the house.  As soon as he was out the door, he realized the magnitude of the situation.

He says he hoped the fire would be put out, however it was too late the fire had spread.

Mr. Gonzalez’s neighbor was treated for injuries he sustained to an ankle when saving Mr. Gonzalez.

Firefighters at the scene tell us the temperatures inside the houses easily reached 500 degrees making it difficult to put out the flames that consumed the three homes.  The lack of fire hydrants in the area, officials add, was another difficult hurdle in today’s incident.

Authorities have no word yet on what could have caused the fires to start.

Mr. Gonzalez tells us he now plans to live with his son while he recovers from losing his home.