Authorities have now contained the fire but, it’s still burning.

At around eleven in the morning Alton fire department received a call about a working fire in the area of mile 9 and western road in rural mission. Upon arrival, firefighters did find a five to eight acre fire that was consuming tires and brush.

Chief deputy Eric Sanchez with the Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s office explains to us how the fire escalated so quickly.

Sanchez tells us that heavy machinery was used to remove the unburned tires from the burning ones to try to contain the fire. He also told us that one house was saved. The couple the lived in the home were able to get out of the house with no injuries and were treated at the scene.

Sanchez tells us that they will continue to investigate the cause of the fire and why the tires were in the area.

You can count on us to follow this story as detail develop.


Firefighters from Zapata county and Rio Bravo fighting a 20-foot fire that broke out on a vacant lot near highway 83 on Tuesday. The incident took place near arroyo dolores. According to officials, about 200 to 300 acres of brush caught fire. Zapata County Fire Department Chief , Juan Meza, said the incident happened after a rancher was burning trash in a bin and papers began to fly away causing the fire.

It took firefighters more than four days to control the flames. No injuries were reported.