Fire Car Crash Leaves One Dead, Three Hospitalized

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One person is dead and three others are injured following a fiery multi-vehicle accident in the city of Donna.

The intense flames were first reported around 4 o’clock this afternoon, after a multiple vehicle accident on the 12 hundred block of eastbound expressway 83 where the fire and police department responded.

Authorities confirmed that a passenger in one of the vehicles suffered major fire injuries and died at the scene.

Three others were transported to a local hospital, where they were being checked as is the city’s policy anytime someone dies at the scene of an accident…

“One big accident involving four to five vehicles, in the accident there was a fatality with the passenger of the vehicle that was trapped inside and died of his injuries due to fire,” explains Freddy; business owner / witness.

The victim’s identify will not be released until next-of-kin is notified. Although not everybody was able to survive, Lieutenant Suarez confirms that the valley metro bus that also crashed was involved in the same accident.

“Everything was connected, the truck hit another vehicle, apparently based on witness’ statements, the bus that was in back of the truck hit the truck which caused the truck to explode,” says Lt. Ricardo Suarez; Donna police department.

Witnesses in the area described the incident and how they helped the driver of the valley metro bus, to get out without any major injuries.

“It came right through my sign, through my swimming pool and we saw that the driver was still pinned in there, then we saw the cars on fire up on the expressway and we got him out and just waited for the cops and everyone else to show and start clearing everything up,” adds Freddy.

At this moment, authorities were not able to determine the victim’s gender due to the severity of the injuries.

For nearly two hours part of the expressway had to remain closed for until the scene was completely cleared up.


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