Police say they found the victim full of blood lying down in an alley.

Sylvia works just a few houses from where the incident took place.
She says she was going about her day when she spotted several police agencies arrive to the scene.
Mission police say upon arrival the male victim had run out of an apartment complex seeking for help before collapsing on the ground from his injuries.

The woman allegedly responsible for this crime was identified as 20 year old Christina Marie Santoyo. Today she faced a judge for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Police say she tried to drive off in her vehicle but was later detained. Authorities have not yet identified the relationship between the two people involved.

The victim however is recovering in the hospital and has already received several surgeries.
Although the suspect is behind bars Sylvia says she will be more careful while walking down these streets.

Santoyo was transferred to the hidalgo county jail with a half a million dollar fine, meanwhile police await the victims recovery to take his statement for Fox 2 News.