Another elected official has thrown their name into the race for Texas Lieutenant Governor, and

this candidate is making the 2014 race a historic undertaking.

San Antonio State Senator Leticia Van de Putte discussed her view of the valley’s future to FOX2

on Wednesday. The democrat– who has been serving the people of San Antonio at the Texas

Legislature since 1991– visited the Rio Grande Valley and explained her reasons as to why she’s running

for Lt. Governor.

“We just want to make sure that Texas is a state where we can continue to grow small businesses and

raise families,” said Van de Putte.

The Latina that’s running alongside Wendy Davis for Governor, talked about her stand on

affordable health care, women’s rights and immigration– particularly in the Valley.

“I am hopeful that Congress will one day enact a common sense immigration reform and platform that

provides economic success for the Valley and state, “said Van de Putte.

When asked how she felt about her and Davis being the first two women to lead a majority party

ticket in Texas history, Van de Putte said gender should not be the issue.

“It may be the first, but women are qualified to hold all sorts of positions,” she said.

In a statement by Davis:

“We’ve already seen the level of excitement that Sen. Van de Putte generates, she has a strong

record of putting Texans first. [She] will make a powerful candidate, should she choose to run.”

And she is running, it won’t be until the primary election on March 4 to see who she is running

against, however current Lt. Govenor David Dewhurst will be seeking a fourth term .

Van de Putte also visited with local veterans to address their concerns.