Little is known many times of the activities by the local FBI in McAllen. Whenever they make a public appearance much remains secret and under investigation.

Until suspects are taken down and brought to justice is when details emerge of their operations.

According to agents here, a good number of cases center on corruption of public officials.

Some of the most recent and notable are ex-cops in the Hidalgo County sheriff’s department and former justice of the peace Melo Ochoa and the list continues to grow.

“We weren’t addressing it with the resources that we had at the time so we reorganized the office to develop a public corruption squad to specifically tackle that issue and that crime problem,” explains eli s. Miranda; fbi assistant special agent-in-charge.

Recently appointed to his position in April, Miranda reassessed his office and not only considered manpower and resources to be of need, but collaboration with other local police agencies.

As long as it won’t compromise the mission, which at times could go against a law enforcement entity.

“The agencies that are investigated or personnel of those agencies are thankful that those bad actors, those bad apples those individuals that are giving a black eye to that agency’s name, are taken away from their roles,” adds Miranda.

FBI says it cannot offer specifics on how many corruption cases are being handled nor how many agents have been assigned, but assure that they are vigilant and keeping an eye on officials in the valley.