Edinburg –  Residents in the community of Faysville are asking city officials to provide public lighting….

Services they say they were promised when they were incorporated into the city.  The problem was acknowledged in a public meeting in Edinburg earlier today.

In an effort to distribute a one-million-dollar fund fairly the city held a hearing from several organizations looking to better the services offered in communities.

“They make requests for projects for use of this money and we take the input from the community and the community decides how we are going to allocate these funds.  Roughly we have about 1 million dollars allocated…” — Armando Barrera (Chairman, Community Block Grant)

One of the topics discussed was lighting in Faysville. Luis Morin,a Faysville resident for the last 40 years, says they’ve been waiting for changes since the community became a part of The City of Edinburg.

“The lighting is the same one we had  before we were a part of the city.  There hasn’t been a change. If someone puts lights then they have some, but if they don’t they’re in the dark. “

He says that the only lighting there is is mostly what area residents installed on their own and what they can take advantage of.

“If there weren’t lights on the highway then we’d be in the dark completely because those lights help out this area.  Morin expects the city to fix this problem soon.”

“They said they were going to install public lighting in every corner, but they haven’t done it. They need to carry out what they said they would.”

Meanwhile those that don’t have lighting on their own, will remain in the dark.

**Update: City of Edinburg officials tell FOX 2, since Faysville’s annexation, Edinburg has up to five years to fix proposed issues in the area, such as lighting.