A family of six is forced to live in tents, after a space heater malfunction burns their home to the ground. Adding insult to injury, the family is then robbed of what little they have left.

A single mother and her five children are now homeless after a fire tore through their Mission residence; perhaps more shocking is what happened to the family after the blaze. Since March 11, the Zavala family has been living out of two tents, pitched on the scorched land they used to call home. To make matters worse, that same day, the Zavala family was targeted by thieves. Several suspects entered the tents, stealing newly donated items. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case. Zavala says although she lost all of her belongings to the fire, she hopes to soon rebuild her life–with the little money that has been donated to her. To help the Zavala family, you can go to any IBC Bank to make a donation, under the name of Erika Zavala. The account number is 2513-64-1213. For more information about how to help, you can call (956) 240-4560.