Raymondville (KFXV) – Fox Exclusive: A young girl is behind bars tonight for running over her ex-boyfriend’s current mother in law–several times. Authorities are considering that the incident could have be the result of a jealous rage.

It all started with a verbal fight between the suspect and her ex-boyfriend’s current partner. A fight that ended with no injuries but later lead to a second confrontation that nearly turned deadly.

23-year old, Christy Cruz is now facing four counts of aggravated assault, arrested just last night by Raymondville police officers.

According to authorities, Cruz saw her ex-boyfriend with another woman on the street and started a confrontation.

The couple left the scene only to find Cruz at their residence hours later on the corner of East San Francisco Avenue and North 9th Street.

This is what’s left of the family’s fence after Cruz plowed onto their property crashing into a parked vehicle. Inside the parked car were her ex-boyfriend, his current partner and another passenger.

Officials say Cruz put the car in reverse and went for a second hit. When the people inside car tried to escape, is when a woman–Cruz’s boyfriend’s mother in law– came out of the residence only to be run over.

Police explain Cruz did not stop there, she dragged the woman with her car and ran her over a second time.

The victim had part of her foot amputated and underwent another surgery today.
While Christy Cruz is left with four counts of aggravated assault after what police say was a possible crime of passion.